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Day trading – How I trade the market – Forex and futures markets

Day Trading – As a modern day trader in the forex and futures markets it is extremly important to have a written Trading Plan. How I trade the market.


How I trade the market:

  • I trade 4 markets: BUND Future (FGBL), Euro Stoxx 50 (FESX), E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) and Eurodollar (6E)
  • for each market I have 3 charts: 5 minute, 20 minute and 60 minute
  • the 60 and 20 minute charts give the long and medium trend directons
  • I trade the signals from the 20 and 5 minute charts
  • horizontal trendlines are drawn mostly on the 60 minute charts and show the support and resictance zones
  • these S&R zones are traded dependently on what the market does on these lines. reversal, break or other combinations


forex futures day trading trading plan
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